Map of Angola
Capital Luanda
Área 1.246.700 km2
Fronteira República do Gongo, República Democrática do Gongo, Zâmbia e Namíbia
População 18 milhões hab. (estimativa para o final de 2009)
PIB US$ 78.4 mil milhões (estimativa para 2009)
PIB Per Capita US$ 4.360  (estimativa para 2009, comparado com 3.710 em 2008)

Crescimento do PIB 13,8% (crescimento real médio entre 2004 e 2008)

Abreu & Marques and its partners have assisted numerous cases in Angola, since  1972, in the oil, mining  and related services area. , namely, advising companies such as Gulf Oil Company, LVO, Angola Energy, Primary Fuels, Conoco, Agri-Petco, Total, ExxonMobil, Catermar and EPTM.

After the recent stabilization of the country civil war and keeping up with the development of the country, the activity covered other areas, namely sponsoring company acquisitions (in the real estate and the explosives industry), and advising an Angolan group, led by Consulina, S.A. that develops projects in the financial area (incorporation of a banking entity), in the food agro-industry (sugarcane and ethanol production projects), in the civil aviation area (airplane maintenance), and in the hotel and maritime transportation area, among others.

In the oil and power industry Abreu & Marques still advises companies sponsors Total and ExxonMobil in several areas, namely in the LNG international project, in Soyo.

Abreu & Marques as a team of lawyers  dedicated to clients that operate in Angola, to render its Clients the provision of quality legal services in Angola and to strengthen its historical connection with this Country.

We can be reached at:
Rua da Missão, 125,  Ground Floor
(next to the Trópico Hotel)
Luanda, Angola
Telephone: (+244) 222 331 187