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"Joint Ventures" - A global guide from practical Law

2015, Thomson Reuters, Afonso Barroso (in collaboration)

"The Resolution Powers of Banco de Portugal and Banco Espírito Santo"

2015, Luís Cabral de Moncada

Golden Opportunity

2013, Essential Property

"Sentence of the Supreme Court of Justice of February 16, 2012" - The financial sanction foreseen in nr 4 of article 829-A of the Civil Procedures Code and the enforcement based on an extrajudicial title: admissibility and the res judicata

2012, Separata da Revista da Ordem dos Advogados - Ano 72, II / III - Lisboa, Abr.-Set. 2012, Rui Tavares Correia

"Abreu & Marques 30 Years" - Law Studies

2011, Sócios e Associados

"Termination and Exclusion of the Clientele Compensation" - Notes to the Lisbon Appeal Court Sentence of May 9, 2006

2011, Separata da Revista da Ordem dos Advogados - Ano 71,II - Lisboa, Abr.-Jun. 2011, Rui Tavares Correia

A Mediação Imobiliária

2011, Abreu & Marques em parceria com a ESAI

"Real Estate Mediation" - Notes to Decree-Law 211/2004, August 30

2011, Rui Tavares Correia