"Voluntary Arbitration and Conflict Mediation – Comment on the law of Portuguese speaking areas" (Angola, Brazil, Cape Vert, Guiné Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, Portugal, S. Tomé e Principe and Timor)

Publications | 2008, Almedina (em colaboração)

"Real Estate Mediation" - Notes to Decree-Law 211/2004, August 30

Publications | 2011-05, Rui Tavares Correia

"Abreu & Marques 30 Years" - Law Studies

Publications | 2011-12, Sócios e Associados

"Sentence of the Supreme Court of Justice of February 16, 2012" - The financial sanction foreseen in nr 4 of article 829-A of the Civil Procedures Code and the enforcement based on an extrajudicial title: admissibility and the res judicata

Publications | 2012-09, Separata da Revista da Ordem dos Advogados - Ano 72, II / III - Lisboa, Abr.-Set. 2012, Rui Tavares Correia

"Contributions For The Law Firms"

Publications | 2010-05, Jorge de Abreu (em colaboração)

"Corporate Governance and Directors` Duties"

Publications | 2003, Global Counsel Handbooks, Abreu & Marques (in collaboration)

"Cross-border Stock Options"

Publications | 2002, ITPA

"Right of Retention and Client Compensation"

Publications | 2006, Separata da Revista da Ordem dos Advogados

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